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School of Emotional
Intelligence & Inner Healing
--- FEEDBACK ---
It is God’s grace, mercy and love, which lead me to this institute. This course helped me to understand and act in God’s way. I
praise and thank God for the service/ ministry rendered by Dr. Dominic F Dixon and his team. God Bless you all –
Johnson Pais

The entire course was like a special gift and wrapped up so beautifully, presented so gracefully for the participants. It is an
extremely practical course that one can relate to day to day, in personal experiences. Topics of special appeal were Healing of
Emotional Wounds and Memories. . God Bless all your sincere efforts Brother and the entire team. Our prayer is that many more
hears will be touched, transformed and many more will profess that He is our Lord and King –
Aysha Miranda (Human
Development Practitioner)

This was a beautiful course. It helped me get a new understanding of myself. I have understood how important it is to forgive and
let go, so I could see the World in a better manner –
Joann Joseph (Law Student)

This program has helped me confront the hurt and pain I have suffered in the past. It has helped me reconcile. It has helped me
become a better person in society. It has also helped me connect to myself, and taught me how to control my emotions in
various situations –
Parvathy Nair (Law Student)

This course has helped me to deal with different situations positively and without losing your cool. Many a time we only think that
there is only one way to deal with stress and that is with anger. But we do not know that we are harming ourselves by doing this-

Monica Fredrick (Child development specialist)

The course was very helpful in understanding my own emotions and also people around. It has helped my relationship with God
and others. Emotions can make or break a person, and I am glad that I have learnt to understand my emotions, so it makes me
and not breaks me-
Sylvia Susana D (Working Professional)

Very personalized and friendly. Therefore, the feeling of being a family and community is felt, even among outsiders and people
new to the community. Therefore, we look forward to attend the classes-
Roshini Miranda (Media Student)

Yes this program helped me in many ways. As I used to get angry very fast, but after this program I could overcome my anger.
Thanks to Ethos.
Mohan Dass (CEO, Technology Company)

Awesome presentation, to the point. This is what the church is required to teach us-at first to deal with our people and then the
World, where the World sees us healed-
Neil Richard (Social Media Analyst)

The course was very helpful and it helped me to create a better understanding of myself. It also helped me to respond
appropriately to the situation. Thank You and All the Best-
Sonia Patricia D’Souza (Teacher)

Now I understand what my calling is. Now I can control my hunger and anger. I can also stay focussed in my workplace.
Pradeep Das (Sales Engineer)