St. Michaels Church
7:45 PM
Every Monday
Dedicated to and under the Patronage of His Holiness, Blessed John Paul II
ths Institute
ETHOS Institute is registered under MORE TRUST as it's educational wing
More Love is under the Authority of the Archdiocese of Bangalore | HSI is a Lay Apostalate, Association of Faith of the Vicariate of Arabia (c) 2012-2013
Such intensive schools costs about Rs.1,50,000 (One Lakh, Fifty Thousand Ruppes, almost one thousand five hundreed
dollars.) But we're subsidsing these modules so the student pays Rs. 5000/- towards infrastructure rental, lectures, guest
speakers, and materials. This cost also covers snacks and refreshments.
What makes this
model of Theology of
the Body a
is that each
participant has to do
their assignment every
week. In a typical TOB
seminar, subjects
such as the integral
dimensions of the
Sacraments and
Catholic morals are
not taught. During this
school, the students
are enlightened on
such subjects. At
ETHOS, we go the
extra mile in giving our
students an
introduction to "
which is
the foundation for
Theology of the Body.

We also conduct

Yes, TOB as a school
with such a variety of
modules has never
been conducted
anywhere in the world.